Do you know anyone who is pregnant?

ya, that baby has to come out of there

I feel like pregnant people will appreciate this blog. Tell your pregnant friends about it!! In the near future I am going to be reaching out to discuss different ways women plan on implementing the various ‘secrets’ into their birth. I am hoping for lots of discussion! It will be awesome for women of all walks.


Pushing… or should I say not pushing!

Hormones are real!

How I expressed secret #1, privacy, in my birth. How do you plan on expressing privacy in your birth/is it even important to you?

Thank you!

Published by birthssecrets

I started studying birth in 2012. It has been an amazing journey. I have learned so much and as my life goes on my birth experiences have been better and better. I have a unique perspective because I was raised by a healer. Once I started learning about birth I couldn't help but to apply my unique upbringing and my studies into my birth plans -- and what a ride it has been. All of the art on my site is done my son Phoenix.

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