Meat. B12. Babies.

I haven’t been on wordpress, or writing at all for months. There have been some serious things happening in my life that are completely consuming. Things that are 100 percent avoidable.

I am a very natural girl. I like healthy. Right now though, I am pissed because of where that has gotten me. I was vegan, although not totally, I would eat eggs. Not only was I vegan; I would eat only organic. Which limited my options like…. a lot. This went on for 6 or 7 years. In that time I had 2 miscarriages. One was a second trimester miscarriage, which was very intense. Then, I got pregnant again, I don’t know what happened different this time but the baby stuck.

The problem was…. and I didn’t know this then… I was deficient as fuck in vitamin B12. I would never give my baby an injection (vaccine) but I did starve him of a vital nutrient.

I have a lot more to say about this, but right now my baby is spasming. I really need to tell people what happened to my baby, and my life. Society is just so twisted even ‘healthy’ is not what it seems. And I was the idiot that fell for it. To be continued….

Published by birthssecrets

I started studying birth in 2012. It has been an amazing journey. I have learned so much and as my life goes on my birth experiences have been better and better. I have a unique perspective because I was raised by a healer. Once I started learning about birth I couldn't help but to apply my unique upbringing and my studies into my birth plans -- and what a ride it has been. All of the art on my site is done my son Phoenix.

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