Dear Sam

Things have been so hard for you, my boy. I am sorry about that. You have been so strong. You came to me and stuck with me probably knowing what you were going to have to go through with me as your mom. Thank you for that. You made my wish for a baby come true. You have taught me so much.

When I chose to eat vegan I had no idea about the profound effects it would have on my health, on your health. I am sorry about that. There is good news though. I now know exactly what happens when a body does not have what it needs to thrive. I also know what it means to be truly healthy now and I thank you for that little buddy.

People told me I needed meat. I had to learn the hard way though. I had to see for myself the truly disturbing effects of eating such a limited diet. I had to go through the horror and the sadness of seeing your nervous system collapse. I guess the only way for me to understand what it means to be truly healthy was through you. You have shown me that not only are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains medicine, but meat, meat is medicine too, and dairy! Food is a gift from our Divine creator. I am so sorry for limiting your God given abundance with my own ideas. I love you buddy.



P.S. Now that you are healing I feel better. 13 months of hardship, 4 months of healing, so far, and things are only going to get better. I will tell your story to anyone who will listen.

Published by birthssecrets

I started studying birth in 2012. It has been an amazing journey. I have learned so much and as my life goes on my birth experiences have been better and better. I have a unique perspective because I was raised by a healer. Once I started learning about birth I couldn't help but to apply my unique upbringing and my studies into my birth plans -- and what a ride it has been. All of the art on my site is done my son Phoenix.

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