Birth’s Secrets

Becoming a mother is no easy feat. First you have 9 months of dealing with the many physical changes and the emotional/hormonal changes of pregnancy until finally after the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual depth of pregnancy comes the long awaited birth… the birth.

1, 2, 3, push!! Sound familiar? Well, do you know when to push, or if you even need to? Welcome to a modern, integrated way of approaching childbirth. We will be discussing what nature intended for birth, and in today’s reality what you as a woman are about to go through.

You could wing it, but pregnancy and birth is an extraordinary event that can be quite awesome and/or scary, traumatic, humiliating, embarrassing. Our modern world does not make it easy to have a baby. There are so many choices! Home birth does sound amazing and magical, but lets face it, sometimes you don’t have a lot of choice and you just have to do what you have to do, like plan a hospital birth. That is what I had to do with my first baby, which is not the most horrible terrible thing, but it is not the best either. I like the term self-assisted birth because whatever your situation may be, you can make it better for yourself! Some good ol’ preparation can go a long way.

No matter how great the hospital staff is, the nurses, your birth plan, the midwife, the birth center… None of that matters, in the end you are the one who is going to get that baby here. It is up to the woman, so she has to understand what makes birth click. No matter her situation she can make it better for herself by understanding and incorporating the primal, instinctual needs of labor and birth into whatever she is planning. Then when a woman plans on being without a care provider, or just happens to find herself without one around, she knows she can get herself through. Or, when a woman chooses to use a care provider, she realizes that she is still the one who needs to birth her child, and that she can incorporate what nature intended for birth into her birth. It is always better for a woman to understand pregnancy and birth, no matter who her care provider is, herself or someone else. The better she understands her body’s primal nature the better she can plan for what she needs when the time comes for her uterine contractions to pull her cervix around her baby’s head and then pop that cute little thing into the world… labor and birth! A good birth experience is attainable and begins with understanding Birth’s secrets.

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